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We’re Not Twins

Word count: 84 “We’re not twins,” I responded for the umpteenth time since we’d arrived. “But you’re related?” he sort of stated more than asked. “In a manner of speaking,” I vaguely replied.  Expectedly, he froze, thoroughly confused. “What does that mean?” he finally inquired further. That’s the thing about being a time traveller, especially… Continue reading We’re Not Twins

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Fred’s First Choice

Word count: 867 World: Harry Potter Two Sundays before Christmas in sixth year, in the early afternoon, I took a break in the courtyard from studying by reading The Tales of Beedle the Bard for the umpteenth time.  I sat curled up in a ball on the bench I'd cleared of snow, my house scarf… Continue reading Fred’s First Choice

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10 Books With My Favourite Colour On the Cover (or In the Title) | Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish, and now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. I don't exactly have one favourite colour, as it's really a tie between blue and green, so I'm going to use both.  Without further ado, here are ten books with green or blue… Continue reading 10 Books With My Favourite Colour On the Cover (or In the Title) | Top Ten Tuesday

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Magic Eyes

Word count: 207 Dad offered me his arm, I took it, and then we waited for the cue. “Are you ready?” he asked me. I briefly paused before responding.  “Yes and no.”  I breathed in.  “But I know it’s just nerves.  You know, because my first marriage ended.” He looked at me, and said, “Annie,… Continue reading Magic Eyes

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Just Close

Word count: 296 ​“Do you think of me as a father figure?”  I paused a moment to think about how to answer.  I didn’t think of him that way, but what if he wanted me to?  I’d have to explain why to keep from hurting his feelings.  I’d practiced this conversation several different ways in… Continue reading Just Close

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The Train

Word count: 273 Time period: fictional 1920s ​I looked up from my book and found that Hannah was fast asleep.  I smiled sympathetically at my sweet, heartbroken friend, hoping her dreams were peaceful.  I briefly admired the grassy horizon, then my eyes panned the interior of the train car.  I had been so preoccupied with… Continue reading The Train