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Fred’s First Choice

Word count: 867 World: Harry Potter Two Sundays before Christmas in sixth year, in the early afternoon, I took a break in the courtyard from studying by reading The Tales of Beedle the Bard for the umpteenth time.ย  I sat curled up in a ball on the bench I'd cleared of snow, my house scarf… Continue reading Fred’s First Choice

fan fiction, fantasy, romance, Short Story Sunday

Mara’s Blessing

Word count: 274 World: Skyrim "Why in the name of the nine divines must we go all the way to Markarth just to see a blacksmith?"ย  Erik the Slayer was all for adventure, but the journey from Windhelm to Markarth would take more than a day, even by horse. "I have business specifically with the… Continue reading Mara’s Blessing